PADI IDC Staff Instructor

The next step for PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers!

Being a PADI IDC Staff Instructor opens your possibility to pass on your experience to new soon-to-be dive instructors and inspire them with every story you have gathered so far from teaching scuba diving yourself. According to us, becoming an IDC Staff Instructor is one of the most fulfilling and privileged positions you can gain. Working closely together with a PADI Course Director, evaluating IDC Candidates and presenting yourself in workshop is an exciting job!

At Sea Spirit you will work together with our PADI Platinum Course Director Carmelo Sgroi who became a diving instructor himself in 2010 and a PADI Course Director is 2018. Carmelo has taught IDCs worldwide and he will share his knowledge, improve your skills to assist and guide candidates and, make you a better professional teacher! An IDC Staff Instructor will be a position where you start to mentor other PADI Professionals. It is a great opportunity to make yourself more employable in the diving market, since in this course, you will build further upon your leading skills as well as teaching skills. It also involves improving on coaching and counselling skills. You will also gain a better understanding of the PADI system.

During the PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course, you will assist with our 14-day program IDC at Sea Spirit Diving Academy in Sicily. This program will include the IDC Staff Instructor Preparation Course and auditing an entire IDC.

The IDC Staff Course includes:

  • Attend the IDC Staff Instructor course knowledge development presentations to get you prepared for your new role as an assistant during the course.
  • Pass the dive theory and PADI General Standards & Procedures exams
  • Present a Knowledge Development Presentation, a Confined Water Presentation and an Open Water Presentation
  • Learn how to evaluate the presentations of the IDC Candidates together with the Course Director
  • Skill development workshop; complete the Pre-assessment 24 skill circuit to demonstration quality
    Audit the IDC

The IDC Staff Instructor Course makes it possible to collaborate closely with the PADI Course Director. Together, you will learn how to evaluate teaching presentations. Since you are now in a position to evaluate, we will teach you how to give feedback from a PADI Standard point of view. First, together with the Course Director, and then, towards the end of the course you will evaluate and give feedback to the candidates yourself.
You will receive the PADI IDC Staff Instructor materials which contains the PADI IDC Staff Instructor E-learning and all the evaluation slates necessary for during the course as well as use after.


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