Top 15 favourite marine life creatures of Sea Spirit

1. Salema (Sarpa salpa) Family: Sparidae Group Sea breams Other names include: dreamfish, salema porgy, cow bream, goldline, salema porgy. Sarpa salpa, is a species of sea bream. They can be easily recognised with their beautiful shine of gold strips, glimmering from the underwater light rays. You can find them all the way down at […]

A Scuba Dream Becomes Reality in Sicily

Carmelo Sgroi - Padi Platinum Course Director

My name is Carmelo Sgroi. I am a PADI Platinum Course Director and TEC Trainer at Sea Spirit Diving Academy in Taormina, Sicily and Dive-careers. I became a course director in 2018 and I am a professional diver now for more than 10 years already. I think that my job is the best job in […]

The lungs of the sea – Isola Bella Marine Park Taormina, Sicily

The lungs of the sea! One of the treasures of the Isola Bella Marine Park, Taormina, Sicily. An underwater meadow. Neptune Grass is our hidden gem. When scuba diving, you will find various marine life scurrying between the leaves, from microscopic organisms to the Rainbow Wrasse. Many fish species seek food and refuge, as well as […]

Kate completing her PADI Divemaster Course in Taormina, Sicily!

In September, I arrived in Taormina, Sicily to do my Divemaster with Sea Spirit Diving Resort, not speaking a word of Italian and never having dived in the Mediterranean before. Six weeks later, I left a PADI Professional with experience in ‘cold’ water diving (temperature around 23 degrees), able to speak approximately five words in […]

A Story from our PADI IDC Candidate in Sicily – Albert 2020

Sea Spirit is a 5 star PADI diving resort in Giardini-Naxos, Taormina, Sicily. They have a huge range of courses on offer with some of the best instructors in Italy. They range from bubble maker to open water, from advanced open water to instructor and even specialty instructor courses. I couldn’t think of a better […]

Sea Spirit – Think Green

It’s time to reflect – looking back on the last months, it was a time that nobody expected and everybody came to a hold. It was a strange time, but also a time to stand still, and think about the life that we’re living. Of course, also at Sea Spirit, we want to start diving […]

PADI Deep Diver

Deciding to complete PADI specialties with us in Taormina, Sicily, is always a fun and educational way to learn new skills or refine skills already gained. The PADI DEEP DIVER COURSE is a perfect step up because it teaches you one of the most important skills of all in diving: Safety and planning. As a […]

Becoming a PADI Professional

My PADI scuba diving experience in Taormina, Sicily, started in 2016 with Sea Spirit Diving Resort. I decided to travel to Taormina, Sicily to complete my PADI Divemaster course. I chose Sea spirit because of the many amazing things I had heard and also because of the program they provided for me. It was an […]

Start your PADI Divemaster Internship at Sea Spirit

When you’ve been scuba diving in your homecountry or on holiday, there is a big chance your dive guide was a PADI Divemaster. He or she made sure you had the right equipment, told you about safety procedures, explained the dive in a dive briefing, took care of you underwater, checking if everything was alright, […]