Divemaster course

If you aspire to become a professional diver, the starting point is the PADI Divemaster course. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you will enhance your theoretical knowledge and perfect your diving skills, reaching a professional level of competence. The PADI Divemaster programme allows you to develop your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise diving activities and assist in the training of student divers.

PADI Divemaster Skills

The PADI Divemaster course is structured to help you acquire the essential skills of an underwater leader, through formal lessons and self-study. You will be able to perfect your problem-solving and organisational abilities through water endurance tests and practical exercises, as well as train to assist others in improving their diving skills.

Opportunities for a Certified PADI Divemaster

With PADI Divemaster certification, your skills will be recognised and you will be able to:

  • Supervise and coordinate educational activities, organising and leading dives
  • Assist a PADI Instructor during the training sessions of any PADI diving course
  • Manage various PADI programmes and courses, including Skin Diver, Discover Snorkeling, Discover Local Diving, Scuba Review, and Discover Scuba Diving (if you are qualified as a Leader)
  • Obtain the qualification of PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Instructor
  • Independently guide Open Water Diver course students
  • Accompany Open Water Diver students under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor
  • Accompany students during Adventure Dives or Specialty training dives, always under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor
  • Conduct PADI Seal Team AquaMissions
  • Teach Emergency First Response courses after successfully completing an Emergency First Response Instructor course

Requirements to sign up in the course

To enrol in the PADI Divemaster course, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or hold an equivalent certification from another organisation)
    Be a PADI Rescue Diver (or hold an equivalent certification from another organisation)
  • Have Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care certification
  • Have completed at least 20 dives to start the course and 60 to earn certification
  • Present a medical statement signed by a doctor within the last 12 months


Educational Material

You will need to have the following educational material:

  • PADI Divemaster Manual
  • PIR/RDP – Table and eRDPML, including the respective instruction manuals
  • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
    Divemaster Slates
  • Log book
  • View the PADI Divemaster Video

PADI Divemaster certification is a prerequisite for participating in the PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor courses. Don’t waste time, start your professional diving career today!