Sea Spirit Diving Resort offers dive sites of varying difficulty for all levels of experience. All dive sites are only a few minutes away, therefore only a short navigation is required. Taormina’s sea beds are rocky so this gives us good visibility, ranging from 10 to 30 meters during the whole season from May to October. The different spots start from the Naxos Calcara one of the first approaches of the Greek in Sicily, the Roman Columns, then along the marine park of Isola Bella, the beautiful bay of the blue cave to finally arrive to the rock ‘du Zio Innaru’ next to the bay of Taormina Mazzarò. The morphology of the coast and the seabed is unique in its kind and one can come across many different types of flora and fauna. For example, the ‘Posidonia’, a typical Mediterranean underwater weed. With its leaf development a high amount of oxygen is produced that also contributes to the consolidation of the seabed and beaches, protecting them from erosion. But mostly this sea grass is the ideal environment for the growth of fish. 

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Colourful Mediterranean Sea fans and Pinne Nobilis, which is the biggest Mediterranean clam, will frame your dive. A dive in the history of the Roman columns at the Capo Taormina and in the marine reserve’s beautiful island with its steps and walls studded with sponges and astroidies (small sea daisies), ending with the blue cave and the amazing shrimp cave. You will encounter a variety of fish species of the Mediterranean such as: groupers, moray eels, brown meagre, greater forkbeard, crabs, lobsters, eagle rays, octopus, goldline fish, saddled bream and much more. For an unforgettable experience.