Isola Bella South

Mediterranean Marine Life: Wide-eyed Flounder, Pink Flabellina, Cuttlefish, Neptune Grass, Moray Eel, Spiny Lobster, Damselfish, Cardinal fish, Scorpionfish, Striped red mullet, Goatfish, Sea slubs, Nudibranch, Hermit Crab, Fan mussel, Sea-Hare, Peacock worm, Tube-worm, sunset cup coral, light bulb sea squirt, Dreamfish, Barracuda.

Summery: This dive site is directly located in the heart of the Isola Bella. You will be in awe swimming through the maze of the Isola Bella island, with swim-throughs and pinnacles that characterise the very beauty of the underwater world here. The beautiful play of light between the rocks, the swim-throughs layered with coloured sponges, and the open sandy patches makes for a spectacular dive!

Description: Characterised by its many swim-throughs and maze of rock formations, diving the south side of the Isola Bella brings you true exploration of the Mediterranean. Beginning the dive, you descend close to the island next to around 5 metres giving you the time and space to organise yourself before your adventure. From there, you begin to follow the island round on the left hand side, diving in and out, entering beautiful swim-throughs and a maze of rock formations. The beauty of light rays shoot down from the surface reflecting off coloured sponges, starfish and Light bulb sea squirts! On your way round, keep your eyes peeled for octopus and moray eel hidden in their dens, as well as teeny tiny nudibranch, some of which are the size of a finger nail!

Having the best of both worlds, you also have the opportunity to experience a sandy landscape that houses a variety of life, from wide-eyed flounder and hidden sand crabs, to sea snakes and flying Gurnard!
It is also a great spot for the PADI Discover Scuba diving program, offering a sheltered bay for confined water conditions and a safe haven for new divers. It is the perfect place to experience diving for the first time and also to explore the unique marine life in the Isola Bella Marine Park. You may even come across a Seahorse, hiding in the Sea grass or attached to a sheltered rock.
This is a definite bucket list dive site, not just for the area but in the whole of the Mediterranean!