Rock of the mermaid

Mediterranean Marine Life: eagle ray, common stingray, amberjack, bluefin tuna, yellowmouth barracuda, Rainbow wrasse, ornate wrasse, peacock wrasse, damselfish, cardinal fish, scorpionfish, Mediterranean moray eel, peacock worm, tube-worm, sunset cup coral, yellow encrusting anemone, sponges, false coral, algae

Summary: Beautiful dive site in front of Mazzarò Bay in Taormina where we can swim in circles around this magnificent rock admiring all the big and small underwater marine life this dive site has to offer.

Description: The dive site is located in front of Mazzarò Bay in Taormina and earns it’s name to the rock shaped like the beautiful face of a mermaid. Underneath the surface of this rock, you will find the big blue with the bottom around 36m. We will descend down to a maximum depth of 36m towards the sandy bottom. From here, we will start our ascent slowly, up in circles around the rock. It could be handy to have a torch with you during this dive to look for the small marine life hidden in the rocks. What makes this dive site so unusual are the 2 tunnels and 2 huge rocks leaning against the cliff on the north wall. Don’t forget to look into the blue every now and then to look for schools of amberjack, tuna and barracudas. It’s a perfect dive site to broaden your skills as a deep diver in the PADI Deep Diver Course.