San Nicola wall

Mediterranean Marine Life: bogue, sharpsnout seabream, two-banded seabream, salema, saddled seabream, dusky grouper, painted comber, shallowtail seaperch, med. Rainbow wrasse, ornate wrasse, peacock wrasse, damselfish, cardinal fish, wide-eyed flounder, scorpionfish, Mediterranean moray eel, hermit crab, fan mussel, different sea slugs like dotted sea slug, pink flabellina and hervia, sea urchin, starfish, peacock worm, tube-worm, sponges, algae, Neptune grass, harpoon weed

Summary: Interesting dive site, varying from looking for marine life in the walls, enjoying a swim through and keeping an eye out for wrasses and breams in the Mediterranean Posidonia.

Description: The dive site is located south of the Atlantis Bay. Starting at the dive site ‘Atlantis Bay’, we begin a swim south wards, eventually reaching a wall that sits at 22m. Rich in its flora and fauna with the presence of many crown shells. It looks even better when having a torch with you, so the colours of the marine life will light up even more. Between a mix of sandy and rocky bottom, we will find small sea-grass fields, home to starfishes and the noble pen shell. The wall ends by a pinnacle on the left, where we can search for moray eel and octopus. On the right there is an entrance to a very large swim through with access to the other side of the St. Nicolas Bay. Slowly we make our way through the swim through, making sure we do not miss the numerous life along the sea bed, from hermit crabs to the various species of sea slugs, hidden in the cracks of the rocks. On the other side, we find ourselves at 3m, encountering sea weed and algae. Keep an eye out for wrasses and breams. The seaweed is their home. We will finish our dive swimming out of the bay under the boat with a safety stop at 5m.