Siphon S. Andrea

Mediterranean Marine Life: common stingray, amberjack, bluefin tuna, dusky grouper, octopus, damselfish, scorpionfish, forkbeard, striped red mullet, pink flabellina and hervia, Mediterranean moray eel, shrimp, fan mussel, pentagon starfish, peacock worm, sponges, false coral

Summary: Dive with us at the Siphon, where you can admire thousands of red shrimps and enjoy the light effects from below and above!

Description: The dive site ‘Siphon’ is well known for the amazing shrimp cave at the bottom of the siphon and the exciting big swim through.
The dive site is located on the east side of the Blue Cave, Isola Bella Marine Park, Taormina. We start our dive at a depth of 10m just next to the Blue Cave, swimming in an eastern direction away from the Blue Cave. Descending to 20m, along the wall on the left where we already can see moray eels, rock formations, sponges and algae until we arrive at 30m in front of the entrance of the ‘Siphon’. Entering with our torches, following it up and through until we exit at a depth of 22m. Inside the siphon we can admire thousands of red shrimps, along with the possibility of forkbeard fish and a big moray eel chasing them. We can also find different kind of nudibranchs like the pink flabellina and hervia. Always look out to the blue, where there is always a possibility to see stingray or a group of amberjack and tuna. Once outside the siphon, we begin to make our way back on a shallower depth of 14m, encountering octopus’ and groupers. We will finish our dive under the boat at 5m, searching for small marine life hiding in the sea grasses.
This dive site is perfect for the PADI Deep Diver Course, as we can follow the bottom floor of the ocean in front of the Siphon to 40m and practice our Deep Diver Skills there. At the beginning and at the end of the season, the temperature of the sea in the marine park can drop at depth, so doing your PADI Dry suit Course here could be a great opportunity too!