The Canyon (Isola Bella East)

Mediterranean Marine Life: Flying Gurnard, Damselfish, Wide-eyed Flounder, Eagle Ray, Common Stingray, Amberjack, Bluefin Tuna, Yellow Encrusting Anenome, Octopus, Light Bulb Squirt, Mediterranean Moray Eel, Rainbow Wrasse, Seabream, Dusky Grouper, Peacock worm, Tompot Blenny, Shrimp, Sea-hare, Seahorse.

Summery: The underwater canyon, a maze of tunnels and fascinating passages where you can witness the true beauty of the underwater landscape in the Mediterranean. Located in the east of the Island, the Canyon is made up of a huge 20m high rock split in two, where if feels as though you are on either side of two continents! From sandy patches and reef walls, to magical rock formations and swim throughs. This site has all the delights of the Isola Bella Marine Park

Description: The underwater canyon, a maze of tunnels and beautiful passages is what you will experience at this dive site. Witnessing the true beauty of the underwater landscape of the Mediterranean and all its inhabitants. The dive begins on the East side of the Isola Bella, descending next to the island to around 10 metres. Following the island round to the North, descending slowly along side the reef walls. Look closely because it hides a lot of life. From Hermit crabs and Moray Eels to numerous Nudibranchs and flatworms. Do not forget to turn your head to the deep blue and look out for the Common Stingray swimming in the distance.
Look down into the sandy patch and you might spot a Flying Gurnard or Wide-eyed Flounder.
Once you reach 30m, you have found the entrance to the Canyon, a 20m high rock split in two, creating a magical passage to dive through. Due to its narrow passage, swimming through means it is particularly important to be aware of your buoyancy and not to kick the sides or the bottom. Look to the bottom to find a Seahorse attached to marine grass and algae. Blennies, flatworms and Nudibranchs cover each space so keep your eyes peeled!
At 16m, you have reached the end of the Canyon. Continuing straight into the Isola Bella Island to find the maze of tunnels. The beauty of the rock formations and the light that passes down from the surface is truly a magical sight. Through the swim throughs look out for Hermit Crabs and Sea Anemones. Their symbiotic relationships mean they live together in harmony. The hermit crab gains protection from predators by its relationship with the sea anemone. Throughout the swim throughs, in the dark cracks, take a torch and peer in. You will find tiny Shrimp scampering about!
Making your way back will bring you to Isola Bella south, exploring the maze of tunnels here also, finishing with a 5 metre safety stop right next to boat.