Zu Innaru rock

Mediterranean Marine Life: eagle ray, yellowmouth barracuda, two-banded seabream, dusky grouper, med. Rainbow wrasse, ornate wrasse, scorpionfish, Mediterranean moray eel, hermit crab, shrimp, sea-hare, different sea slugs like dotted sea slug, pink flabellina and hervia, cuttlefish, sea urchin, starfish, sponges, false coral, algae, Neptune grass, harpoon weed

Summary: Dive with us around the stunning rock called ‘Ziu Innaru’, or the most northern dive site where we can admire moray eels and search for groups of barracudas.

Description: This dive site is the most northern dive site on our dive map, at the beginning of Lettojanni. Dive site ‘Ziu Innaru’ is a rock rising out of the water in the shape of “square pinnacle”. The dive starts on the west side at a depth of 5m, making its way around the entire rock. We start in an eastern direction following the bottom which brings us to the wall where we can dive at a maximum depth of 18m for open water divers, or a maximum depth of 30m for advanced open water divers. For Deep divers, we can also leave the wall and swim more east to a maximum depth of 40m in search for groups of barracudas or eagle rays. On the wall on the east side there is a lot of different marine life to admire like numerous nudibranchs, moray eels, soft corals, starfish, hermit crabs and shrimps. Once we are at the end of the wall we turn west again to find the sloping bottom on the shallow part of the rock on 14m, where we can find Neptune grass and harpoon weed.
This dive site is perfect for the Deep Dive or the Enriched Air Dive of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, the PADI Deep Diver Course for diving until 40m.