Private Deluxe Diving Trips

Enjoy the Isola Bella Marine Park Taormina in with our private diving and snorkeling tours, sunset tours, dolfin tours and private parties with family and friends. Sea Spirit, we offer scuba diving with a private dive instructor from our spacious diving boat. Starting in the afternoon, you will be welcomed on board by the skipper, his crew and your dive instructor. Enjoying the view of Isola Bella from our boat, your private instructor will brief you on the first divespot which can range from the beautiful swim throughs of Isola Bella South to the archaeological spot of the Greek Columns. All of your choice.

After the first dive, you can enjoy the surface interval lounging in the sun and enjoying the view of the Mediterranean Sea. Your instructor will then brief on your second dive spot, again of your choosing. In the meantime the boat will bring you to the second spot. To end the perfect afternoon of diving, a delicious aperitivo will be served on board. It’s also possible to stay the afternoon on board, relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Next to our prviate diving trip, we can also organize a fully customized snorkeling trips, family trips, sunset tours, dolphin tours, birhtday parties and so on.  Please contact us for more information.



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