How to find us

Office and how to find us:

Our office is located inside the UNAHOTEL Naxos Beach in Giardini-Naxos. The address: Via Recanati 26, 98035 Giardini-Naxos. If you come with the car you have to drive to Giardini-Naxos (the village next to Taormina), to the area of Recanati. Once inside the street of Recanati (Viale Dionisio) you will find the bus station at the end of this street. After the bus station you have to turn right (into Viale Jannuzzo, towards the RG Hotel). You will find the RG Hotel on your left and after the RG Hotel there is a small street on the right leading towards the UNAhotel Naxos Beach (Via Recanati 26). At the end of this street you will find the UNAhotel Naxos Beach. You can say to the guard you are a customer of Sea Spirit and you can park your car inside. In front of the reception outside you will find an indicator of Sea Spirit. Follow the indicators and you will find our office inside the park.

Our boats

If you arrive by car or you walk from your hotel to the harbor, you have to go to the main harbor of Giardini Naxos (Via Schisò). At some point you will see the Naxos Cruise Terminal. Walk past the Terminal to the big grey wall and you will find us at the beginning of this wall.