A Scuba Dream Becomes Reality in Sicily

My name is Carmelo Sgroi.

I am a PADI Platinum Course Director and TEC Trainer at Sea Spirit Diving Academy in Taormina, Sicily and Dive-careers. I became a course director in 2018 and I am a professional diver now for more than 10 years already. I think that my job is the best job in the world! It involves developing people’s skills, attitudes, as well as their scuba diving.  What more could I want?

Carmelo Sgroi - Padi Platinum Course Director


I started my professional diving career in Australia and went on to also work in Thailand.

I wanted the attitude and lessons that I learned from these experiences to be brought back to my hometown in Sicily, and so, in 2012 I founded Sea Spirit. This was a dream that became a reality. My goal was to create the same as what I had seen and experienced in Australia and Thailand; a PADI Instructor Development Course organised with people from all over the world. And I did it, in Sicily.


I help people build a scuba diving career and become better professional divers.

I still feel privileged when I see my students develop themselves during the course. Some people say I am tough during the courses I teach, and they are right. I see potential in my students. I want to get the right attitude out of them, the attitude of a scuba diving instructor. To lead, to be confident, and to be skilled with the right knowledge. I understand the program of the PRE IDC and the IDC can be quite intense. There are a lot of workshops, ones that are built to improve specific skills. For me, it is always great satisfaction to see my students passing the PADI Instructor Exam with flair! Starting their career with confidence! I am proud to say that for next season, all instructors that will work at Sea Spirit have completed the IDC with me. I want to give my new instructors the chance to obtain experience. Becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Sea Spirit is also a great place for more experienced instructors.

To challenge themselves with the diverse work we have at the centre. I’m talking about PADI TEC REC, PADI Specialties like Deep and Sidemount. Develop on specific fields with the PADI Distinctive Specialties like SUEX Advanced DPV and PADI/DAN Research Diver. Becoming a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and assisting me on IDCs is another valuable course. You can advise, teach and inspire other Instructor Candidates.

There is always something to improve as a scuba diver. And I’m happy that again in 2021, I can continue with the most beautiful job in the world: teaching scuba diving!



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