Best #1 Taormina Snorkeling Trips

Taormina Snorkeling Experiences for Visitors to Sicily

The Isola Bella Marine Park Taormina is the perfect destination for scuba divers and very popular for snorkeling with many excellent snorkel locations to enjoy the amazing marine life in the splendid waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

At Sea Spirit Diving Resort, you can join our reputable half day snorkel tour in the morning, with two stops at the Isola Bella Marine Park during the season, starting from April until October. In July and August, we also organize snorkel tours in the afternoon.  

Taormina snorkel tour trips with Sea Spirit provide snorkeling equipment and a professional guide on our boat. We will take you to 2 of the best snorkeling locations at the park, the beautiful shallow bays. If you don’t have time to enjoy one of our diving courses, we can introduce you to the underwater world with our half day snorkel experience.

With refreshments like fruits and ice-tea onboard, music and the sun above our heads, snorkel trips provide great value for the novice snorkeler who wants to experience the marine world for the first time and enjoy a fun day.

Best Snorkeling Destinations on Taormina

Excellent snorkel locations are the bay of the Blue Cave, the bay of the Greek/Roman Columns and last but not least, the bay of the famous Isola Bella. At the Isola Bella you can snorkel between the rocks, admiring the many small fish and false red corals that grow just underneath the surface.

Snorkel Taormina – Bay of Blue Cave

The bay of the Blue Cave has a huge variety of underwater marine life and large boulders, offering snorkelers a kaleidoscope of colors. You can see large shoals of saddled seabreams swimming around and many more types of Mediterranean fishes like painted combers and dreamfish. It will keep you busy snorkeling and having fun for many hours. If you have a good eye, you could even spot an octopus! Starting from our boat, the maximum depth is about 3 meters and even closer to the rocks, the depths are only 1 meter.

Greek / Roman Columns Bay Taormina

Situated on the southern side of the park, the Greek/Romans Columns Bay gives a splendid view to huge rocks on both sides and gives plenty of opportunity to find many fish around. You can expect to see lots of wrasses, damsel fish, parrotfish and even shoals of barracuda. Starting from our boat you can swim to the coastline of the bay and enjoy the underwater life at only 2 meters depth.

Snorkel Isola Bella South Taormina

On a clear day this stunning picturesque bay is our favourite spot at the Isola Bella Marine Park for its natural beauty. This location is a true paradise and is one of the most biodiverse areas of its kind. It certainly attracts lots of interesting marine organisms. Isola Bella South is the perfect shallow snorkel spot with many rocks where you can swim around and enjoy the beautiful underwater gardens. You can even swim to the beach and step on the narrow path that often connects the island to the main beach to relax.

During the main season, snorkelers can enjoy the shallow area inside the buoy lines where the maximum depth is around 4 meters, which feels like you are snorkeling in an aquarium! You can expect to find may colorful fish swimming around the rocks in shallow water. Definitely take your Go Pro with you to get pictures or video, but be aware not to touch any marine life.

Snorkeling is a very popular and safe activity to do at the Isola Bella Marine Park. During our half day trip with our boat, our guides will explain you everything about your snorkel gear, where to go, how to move and what there is to see. A safety briefing is also included.

If you are a diver but your family or friends are not scuba divers, they can join on the same trip to have an enjoyable time together during your holiday. While you are diving, they can snorkel and see you from the surface at the beginning or the end of your dive.

Looking forward to welcome you on board and have a great time together at the Isola Bella Marine Park in Taormina!

Read more about snorkeling here: https://www.seaspirit.it/en/diving/snorkeling/

Snorkeling Taormina with Sea Spirit



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