PADI Deep Diver

Deciding to complete PADI specialties with us in Taormina, Sicily, is always a fun and educational way to learn new skills or refine skills already gained. The PADI DEEP DIVER COURSE is a perfect step up because it teaches you one of the most important skills of all in diving: Safety and planning. As a diver, you will always dive with a buddy. With the Deep Diver course at, you will learn to plan your dives together, make decisions on your depth limit, time limit, turn around tank pressure, emergency procedures, etc.

At Sea Spirit Diving Resort, we are lucky to be located right next to the Isola Bella Marine Park. You have the opportunity to venture down to see the beautiful Gorgonian, the famous Sea fans of the Mediterranean. Here, they tend to live at depth, a species in rocky bottom communities! With their beautiful shape and colour, it is a dive site that needs to be ticked! As you begin to notice the shape of them from a distance, you slowly arrive in a field of fans, lining the rocky terrain of the Mediterranean, a secret meadow underwater.

Like this site and many other dive sites around the world, you will be limited to which ones you can explore due to certification level. With the Deep Diver Specialty, more dive sites will open up for you. This can include century old wrecks, coral reefs with marine life only seen at certain depths, as well as the famous Sea Fans of the Mediterranean.

Everyone thinks the PADI deep diver course is just about going Deep! However, it is more than this. You begin to really conduct each dive with planning and safety. Understanding each dive and all its possible outcomes. What can affect you at depth? Not just time limit but most usually your air consumption. How can you improve your air consumption? Maybe we need to experiment with how much weight you are using and where your weight is placed. You will be shocked at how much air you will consume less with just a few extra lead removed from your weight belt. This allows you to spend more time at depth as well as allowing you to worry less about your air consumption.

As an instructor, this Specialty course is always one I encourage because not only does it give you some of the most important skills in diving but it also opens up more worlds for you to explore!



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