Sea Spirit continues diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

In January and February 2016, Sea Spirit continues to teach people diving in Thailand. Because that is what we love! PADI Dive instructor Cilla and PADI Master Instructor Candidate Alfio spent a week with Sicilian friends in Koh Tao to complete the PADI Open Water Diver Course. A real ‘Siculo’ experience PADI Master Instructor Carmelo completed the Divemaster Course with one of our PADI Divemaster Candidates Francesca and he assisted the IDC and Divemaster Workshops, real fun! Moreover PADI Regional Manager Giovanni Cacchione organized a Go Pro night, presenting the dive-careers team and all the IDC destinations of 2016: Sicily (Italy), Koh Tao (Thailand), Durban (South-Africa), Bohol & El Nido (Philippines), Bunaken & Lembongan & Bali (Indonesia), Hikkaduwa & Trincomale (Sri Lanka), Pondicherry (India). A successful evening with a lot of curious Divemaster Candidates watching the presentations and dreaming about their next diving destinations in the world. A unique concept, because with and, this dream can become reality! Watch here our latest IDC in Sicily! We are excited to start the season again in Sicily, it’s already the fifth season coming up! Let’s go diving!

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