Sea Spirit – Think Green

It’s time to reflect – looking back on the last months, it was a time that nobody expected and everybody came to a hold. It was a strange time, but also a time to stand still, and think about the life that we’re living.

Of course, also at Sea Spirit, we want to start diving again. We adjusted our procedures to the COVID19 situation and we sincerely hope that if everybody will take their precautions we can continue to go ahead. Because, that’s want everybody wants, move forward. But let’s not forget about the last period, let’s learn something from it. We received messages that if humanity stops, nature improves. Of course, that’s great, but from the other side it’s sad. How come we as human beings, became to live so imbalanced with nature?

We, as divers, are already aware about what’s going on in our oceans, in our environment and nature. The last years, conservation, being eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint and reducing plastic came more to the attention of the broad public thanks to great initiatives. So before we start work again, we thought, what could we do better, to live more in balance with nature, we can always improve!

We’ve seen a lot of examples from Sea Spirit Crew Members in the last years implementing ‘green’ ways in our daily operations. For example, last year, almost all our lunches were vegan (hurray for chickpeas and nutritional yeast flakes ? ) and we start to replace plastic more and more by better and reusable alternatives. Our next aim is to eliminate all plastic bottles (which is a challenge in Italy) and transfer our registration paperwork to fully online check-in.

Furthermore, we will continue encouraging our customers to engage in the Project Aware Movement. As a crew we will continue to explain and educate our customers about the ’10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet’ developed by Project Aware and offer courses like the Project Aware – Dive against Debris – Specialty.

All small bits will help. At Sea Spirit we will try to contribute in our way, the best we can.

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