TOP 10 Reasons to join our IDC at Sea Spirit Diving Academy in Taormina, Sicily

Why should you choose to do your PADI IDC course with Sea Spirit in Taormina, Sicily? The main feedback we get from our IDC Candidates is that our IDC is not only taught in an excellent way according to all PADI Standards, but that it also goes beyond the standards. Extra theory lectures, skill circuits and extra information from the PADI professionals of Sea Spirit on how to organize yourself in the best possible way for your new career: as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor!

Top 10 Reasons why you should complete your PADI Instructor Development Course at Sea Spirit Diving Academy.

1. Sea Spirit is a PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre. We have reached the pinnacle of PADI’s educational professionalism in the world of diving. There are only 3 PADI CDCs in the whole of Italy, which means that it’s an exclusive status as a diving center. We are not just preparing people to be successful future instructors, we are also providing employees for our growing industry and creating ambassadors for our sport, oceans and diving lifestyle. We do this by assuring that prospective instructors understand and utilize the educational philosophies and training aids in which PADI has invested so much of its resources in. We have received multiple awards from PADI for our outstanding contribution to the diving industry.

2. Sea Spirit owner – Carmelo Sgroi – is an Award Winning PADI Platinum Course Director, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of scuba diving. He is driven by his inner passion for scuba diving and wants to share his experience with Divemaster and Instructor Candidates whenever possible. In the classroom, in the pool, at sea, he will always be fully there to develop your skills, so you can become the best scuba instructor possible. Another great advantage is that Carmelo is also a PADI TEC Trainer. He integrates the basics of Tec Diving in some of the lectures he teaches during the IDC so you get more in-depth information about the diving theory!

3. Sea Spirit not only gives you the possibilities to do the IDC with us, we also try our very best to help you get work afterwards. Already for several years, the Sea Spirit Crew is formed by our own trained instructors, gaining experience in the Mediterranean Sea and working in a wonderful environment.

4. Sea Spirit is part of the Dive Careers Network of PADI Platinum Course Director Mark Soworka, which is a network of diving centers all over the globe who are training diving professionals and giving preference to our own trained instructors to work in our network of diving centers. If a job position opens, we always think about our Dive Careers Instructors first! Sea Spirit has also welcomed Dive Careers Instructors from other parts of the world into our crew.

Carmelo Sgroi - Padi Platinum Course Director

5. We will guide each IDC Candidate in their individual needs and if an individual candidate needs extra training, we are the first ones to stay longer in the classroom or in the pool. Further explanations, for example, on decompression theory or, further practice on hovering in the pool.

6. Sea Spirit is located at the prestigious 4-Star UNAHOTEL Naxos Beach. This means you get presented a high-end product, with air-conditioned conference rooms with Wi-Fi access and an Olympic Swimming Pool at your disposal at all times. The hotel is directly located by the sea where we have a dedicated Zodiac for Open Water Sessions. These Open Water sessions are completed at the Isola Bella Marine Park where we get to practices all your skills and presentations. All logistics are thought out for you.

7. One of our most valued programs that is always mentioned by our candidates is the FREE PRE-IDC. Our candidates can join up to 10 days before the start of the IDC, joining extra theory workshops, extra skill circuits, practical workshops such as, the PADI ReActivate in the pool, as well as, Search & Recovery workshops at sea. Next to that, our candidates can go fun diving for free to get used to our environment and of course, relax and just enjoy diving! Our candidates can also get training from our own Sea Spirit Instructors by assisting on PADI Courses and get that extra training just before starting the course, which is really valuable!

8. To help our candidates financially, we offer shared room accommodations included in the price of the IDC for the duration of the IDC. For single rooms, we can offer a really comfortable budget price.

9. Free Diving Equipment Rental included! If you don’t have your own full set of equipment yet, you can use the well maintained SCUBAPRO dive equipment during the course.

10. Extra PADI Specialties! PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider and the PADI Distinctive Specialty Marine Management are included in the course. During the IDC we integrated options to train for numerous PADI Specialties with Carmelo so you can not only start to work as an PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, but also as a PADI Specialty Instructor, a great addition to your work.

A few extra reasons to join us:

  • During the IDC you can use our conference room with a high definition TV, as well as, tablets that include all all PADI multimedia materials are so that you can get used to the PADI E-learning products.
  • Taormina is THE hotspot of Sicily. An amazing tourist destination with breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the East Coast of Sicily. Countless restaurants and bars with the best Sicilian food and drinks.
  • Doing your IDC in the Mediterranean will definitely make you a better prepared diver for all circumstances. During your IDC, we are dealing with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees – 25 degrees. The suits we are using during the IDC are 5mm, semi-dry or dry suits, all with a hood. We think completing your IDC using thicker protection will increase your skills as a diver significantly.
  • Want to purchase diving equipment? We work together with Acque Limpide, the best dive shop which gives you the best deals. Often prices are cheaper than buying your equipment back home.

  • We are one of the most Eco-friendly dive centers in the area, this year we replaced all plastic bottles for refillable glass ones, got an allround online check-in system to save paper and throughout the season, we organized multiple Project Aware Dive against Debris dives and clean-ups.
  • Citizen Science Hydra Project. Sea Spirit collaborates together with PADI, DAN and SUEX in the Citizen Science Hydra-Project. This is a research project to investigate the physiological effects of diving with DPVs (underwater scooters) as well as, exploring and monitoring the marine life and environment.

Why join PADI Platinum Course Director Carmelo Sgroi?

  • Carmelo believes in his job. He became a PADI Course Director at the beginning of 2018 and already has achieved the Silver Status in 2019, Platinum Status in 2020 and again in 2021! This was all down to his continuous love and drive to teach scuba diving to students wanting to achieve a professional level. Carmelo’s energy and his will to develop his candidates. He really believes that this is the best job in the world and also for you too!
  • He has over 15 years of experience in the dive industry. He has worked in many dive centres around the world, including Australia, Thailand and Italy. He created Sea Spirit himself, starting from nothing in 2012 and nine years later achieving the highest rating possible in PADI: Career Development Center! Next to that, Carmelo has already taught the new updated IDC with E-learning for 1 year now, so he is really confident with the new and improved teachings of the IDC.

  • Carmelo is a PADI Tec Trainer! A big plus during your theory lectures as well as in the water. He will put the basics of Tec diving in his talks and develop your personal diving, helping you become more streamlined, improve your trim and propulsion techniques. Helping perfect your skills as a diver whilst perfecting your skills as a teacher.
  • After your IDC, with Carmelo you can continue to develop your dive skills in many expert areas. Carmelo is a Specialty Trainer in the distinctive specialties: SUEX Advanced DVP; Steamline, Trim and Propulsion Specialty; PADI/DAN Advanced Oxygen Provider; PADI/DAN Basic Research Diver and Operator; Marine Rescoure Management. Education at your fingertips!

Furthermore, Carmelo is a PADI Specialty Trainer in the following Specialties:

  • Deep
  • Dry Suit
  • Enriched Air
  • Wreck
  • Digital Underwater Photography
  • Search & Recovery
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle
  • Sidemount
  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy
  • Drift
  • Night Diver
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Dive Against Debris
  • Project Aware
  • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider


Included in your IDC Course:

  • PRE IDC for 7 up to 10 days
  • Free shared accommodation during the IDC
  • Free Sea Spirit Eco Refill Bottle
  • Free rental dive equipment during the IDC
  • Extra lectures and in-water training
  • Full library of PADI Materials
  • Free Instructor T-shirt
  • Free IDC Candidate Folder with loads of extra information and teaching materials
  • Discount on purchasing new dive equipment
  • Dive Careers Skill Circuit Video for extra practice



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