Project Aware

PADI Project Aware is a non-profit organization and global movement for ocean protection.

It started as an ocean conservation initiative in the 80s and has continued to expand for decades into the powerful organization it is today. Project Aware aims to “inspire, inform and provide the tools needed to engage and connect individuals, governments, NGOs, and businesses who share [their] values and vision for a clean, healthy ocean”.

As avid scuba divers and lovers of the ocean, at Sea Spirit Diving Resort we are continually aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscientious. We are participating annually in the PADI Project Aware Week, where we are incorporating fun activities such as fundraisers, beach and dive site clean-ups, educational briefings, and Project Aware specialty courses.

We believe that as dive professionals it is our responsibility to help keep our oceans clean, and to ensure our students and divers do the same. We aim to inspire, teach, and motivate the community of ocean lovers around us, as we understand the value of individual action and education.

If you want to read about threats to the Mediterranean environment and ways you can help, check out our blog

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