Amy Hamilton


IDC Staff Instructor
Main instructor at Sea Spirit
Assistant Manager - Speaks English

Amy began her diving career in sunny England at university. In the exotic waters of a UK quarry! She was hooked from the very beginning and puts it all down to the sense of community that is shown amongst scuba divers.

After experiencing the beauty of the underwater world, she knew she had to make it a permanent lifestyle. So, she became a PADI Instructor.

In 2016, Amy started her professional career right here at Sea Spirit as a PADI Divemaster Candidate and has not looked back since. She completed her IDC with Carmelo and in 2017 she grew into the role of main instructor. Her passion comes alive when inspiring others and injecting excitement into underwater exploring.

She loves to teach everyone but most of all, loves teaching young adults and children. Inspiring them to develop new skills and to open up new worlds, encouraging a connection with the natural world.

Now a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, her mission is to encourage others that making this amazing lifestyle a reality is indeed possible. Her firm belief is that everyone can do it. You can do it!

Amy is an integral part of our team, she spends part of her time on the boat, in the pool and, in class for lessons, teaching everyone with her great enthusiasm and smile!