Snorkeling a Taormina

Explore the wonders of Snorkeling in Taormina, Isola Bella awaits you!

If you wish to discover the wonders of the seabed in Taormina, there’s no better way than practising snorkeling in Taormina. Immersed in the striking scenery of Isola Bella, snorkeling will provide you with a simple and engaging experience. You’ll be able to admire breathtaking views, such as the mythical Isola Bella and the striking Blue Grotto, while you dive among clouds of fish scouring the waters in search of food. Explore the vertical walls of the Blue Grotto bay and the Isola Bella marine reserve, discovering unique marine flora and fauna.

The morphology of the coast and seabed of Taormina will reserve unexpected surprises for you, with a variety of marine flora and fauna that will make your experience unforgettable. During our tours, our experts will provide you with detailed explanations (also in English) about the millennial history of this place, which boasts numerous archaeological finds from the Greek/Roman period. Each stop will be enriched by refreshments offered in a friendly and exclusive environment, allowing you to fully enjoy the magical atmosphere of this beautiful island.

Discover Snorkeling in Taormina: A Unique Experience

Snorkeling in Taormina and its crystal-clear waters offer the opportunity to explore the wonderful seabed. You can’t miss the beauty of the corals and seagrass that populate these waters, nor the thrill of discovering ancient shipwrecks, a coveted destination even for the most experienced divers. Moreover, more and more people are becoming passionate about free-diving, a simple but fascinating practice that allows you to explore the waters without tanks.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling involves swimming on the surface using a mouthpiece or breather called a “snorkel”. This curved tube, made of plastic, allows you to breathe without having to lift your head from the water, enabling you to continue observing the seabed. Snorkeling has become an essential activity for those using a mask and fins, both for tourism purposes and for free-diving fishing enthusiasts. Although snorkelling does not require particular physical effort, it is important to follow certain behavioural rules, especially if you wish to explore marine life without being an expert. Trust our experienced staff at Sea Spirit Diving Resort, who will accompany you on this new experience with care and professionalism.

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